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I have a select div with options, and it worked fine before but now the last option is not being highlighted when I hover over it, what could be the issue?

<select id='theme_s' title='Click to change your theme'>
    <option value='flame' selected>flame</option>
    <option value='mint'>mint</option>
    <option value='neon'>neon</option>
    <option value='cmd'>cmd</option>
    <option value='sky'>sky</option>
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Yes, I couldn't copy and paste since it's generated in PHP w/ an array, but here is how it looks like after it's loaded: puu.sh/6neZW.png (the "sky" option is not being highlighted when I hover it but it does activate once I click on it) –  SuperBeast Jan 16 at 20:29
<select id='theme_s' title='Click to change your theme'><option value='flame' selected>flame</option><option value='mint'>mint</option><option value='neon'>neon</option><option value='cmd'>cmd</option><option value='sky'>sky</option></select> –  SuperBeast Jan 16 at 20:34
is there a link you can share to see this issue in action, the select looks good to me –  Huangism Jan 16 at 20:36
Can you provide your CSS classes for your div and maybe your select? –  NobleUplift Jan 16 at 20:36
Tried it on different browsers and it seems to work, guess it's just an issue with chrome on my end, thanks for all the help! –  SuperBeast Jan 16 at 20:39

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This is a known bug of the recently updated version of chrome. https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=334227

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