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Im trying to configure Roambi Upload Utility for Windows. I created the API client through the admin panel, but when i try to set up the API i get the error "Configuration validate failed" and i have no idea why.

Im using this post at Roambi-Support as a reference (there´s almost nooo documentation).

The fields that goes on the utilty are

User - Password
Client ID (Provided by the Admin Panel)
Client secret (Provided by the Admin Panel)
Redirect URI (i put https://roambi.com)
Local Sync Folder (the local folder to sync)

If anyone has use the API before i appreciate your help!

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You may want to try this as well:

  • Delete the API client from Roambi Business and create a new one.
  • Reinstall the Windows Upload Utility and ensure the consumer key and secret are copied exactly from the new API Client.
  • For the Redirect URI use the following: about:blank
  • Create a new sync folder and try adding the Excel file again.
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Thanks this worked! – Sebastián Jan 23 '14 at 16:21

If you are a registered Roambi user, please go here for more information and instruction on how to use the Roambi Upload Utility:


Please make sure you are logged in as an admin when installing the utility in Windows..

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