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I'm currently working on plotting pivoted tables using matplotlib pcolor but my axes are not functioning like i would like them to. I plot the tables using:

pyp.suptitle('Pivot 99', fontsize=14)
pyp.xlabel('Site Number', fontsize=12)
pyp.ylabel('Site Number', fontsize=12)
pyp.xticks(arange(len(pivot_99.columns)),pivot_99.columns, rotation = 90)
pyl.savefig('Pivot 99.png')

Where pivot_99 is a dataframe consisting of numbers between 0 and 1. The length of the index and columns are always the same but are different values for different years. When I plot pivot_99 it looks fine: Pivot 1999

However when I plot the 2000 Heatmap there is extra space on the top and right.

Pivot 2000

Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can fix the graph so only space with color is showing? Thanks

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Try with set_xlim and set_ylim like in this example:

import matplotlib.pyplot as pyp


You can try with xlim=ylim=558, I can test it because I don't have your data :(

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Alternatively, you can use prettyplotlib which will set your xlim, ylim for you automatically, remove your spines and ticks, and give you a reasonable colorbar.

import prettyplotlib as ppl

Full disclosure: I am the prettyplotlib author :)

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