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I have Installed and worked with MemSQL on Ubuntu 12.04 and CentOS 6. But I am doing a fresh install on CentOs 6.4 (FInal). When running ./check_system script I am getting the following error.

Warning: The number of allowed open file descriptors should be at least 64000. This OS is currently configured with the limit set to 1024. Please visit http://developers.memsql.com/docs/2.5/admin/admin_concepts.html#configuring-the-linux-file-descriptor-limit

./check_system: line 313: 6173 Illegal instruction (core dumped) $SCRIPT_DIR/lib/check_crc32 > /dev/null 2> /dev/null Warning: SSE4.2 is not supported. Resorting to software CRC32C. MemSQL recovery and log writing performance will be negatively impacted.

I am familiar with the warning and I know how to fix it. its the Illegal instructions error I am trying to understand.

Any help in this regard will be useful.

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After some research I was able to understand that this error is related to processor. as mentioned in the following link. marylou.byu.edu/wiki/… I was able to run MemSQL succesfully. But I still see the warning. –  Muaz Mian Jan 16 at 22:52

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For the file descriptor warning, you can either read that link, or simply use the rpm or deb package to install - both of these will configure that limit for you.

The warning about SSE4.2 is not a fatal warning - the server will run fine, generally with single-digit percentage slowdown to insert and update queries.

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