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I'm using WSDL ecore together with XSD ecore to read and edit WSDL file. During my edit I need to remove a couple of XSD Types and Elements and replace them with the reference to the XML Schema stored eslwhere. I'm loading the WSDL and I can see everything inside using nice interfaces provided by WSDL ecore. I can also see everything in the XML Schemas, however when I change the XML Schema ecore model in the memory and then persisting the WSDL resoruce, no changes are persisted.

  ResourceSet resourceSet = new ResourceSetImpl();
    .put("wsdl", new WSDLResourceFactoryImpl());
  Resource resource = resourceSet.getResource(URI.createFileURI(wsdlFile
    .getRawLocation().toOSString()), true);
  Definition def = (Definition) resource.getContents().get(0);
  List exEls = def.getETypes().getEExtensibilityElements();

Then I traverse the extEls and when I find an instance of XSDSchemaExtensibilityElement I'm taking a schema out of it and start modifying it. After I'm done I call this to save it

resource.save(System.out, null);


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