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I have this code here:

$(".entry-content h2").each(function( index ) {

and this wraps opening and closing li tags around each h2 would I add the opening ul tag at the start and the closing ul tag at the end?

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Here's one method, using closest() to find the parent container and then wrapInner() to wrap the container's contents in a <ul>:

$(".entry-content h2").each(function (index) {
    $(this).wrap('<li />');
}).closest('.entry-content').wrapInner('<ul />');


And another method, using parent() and wrapAll():

$(".entry-content h2").each(function (index) {

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You just have to append the li into the ul.

var ul_element = $("<ul></ul>"); //since I don't know your markup
$(".entry-content h2").each(function( index ) {
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try running this BEFORE wrapping the li tags:

$(".entry-content h2").each(function(index){
    if (index == 0)
    else if(index == $("e.entry-content h2").length - 1)
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