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I'm using ImageMagick to generate a small thumbnail of images. convert --version shows ImageMagick 4.2.9 99/09/01.

$output = array();

$cmd = "/opt/RZmagick4/bin/convert data/test.jpg data/small.png"; // works fine
$cmd = "/opt/RZmagick4/bin/convert data/test.jpg -resize 300x200 data/small.jpg"; // does not work

exec($cmd, $output);

echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";

Why does the second $cmd not work? Output for both is Array( ). However, there is just no output image.

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You might have a reason for not using Imagick, but in case you weren't aware of it, PHP has a built in library called Imagick that acts as an API for image magick. Check it out, it's better: php.net/imagick –  Martin Sommervold Jan 16 at 22:48
What happens if you run the command directly from the command line? Note that the first command writes a PNG file and the second a JPG. Is that intended? –  nwellnhof Jan 19 at 3:04
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