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Trying to export my designs to PDF/PNG/GIF or anything really but I have no idea how and internet wasn't very helpful. Don't really understand why I can't just right click an export :( Any help is greatly appreciated cheers, I am using Visual Studio 2013 ultimate.

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Here is an MSDN article that gives code for creating a Visual Studio shortcut to export your selected UML to an image file

How to: Export UML Diagrams to Image Files

Requires you to do a bit of work but pretty sure this is what you want.

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Actually, all I had to do was Ctrl+A (select all my classes), Ctrl+C and go into a Word document and Ctrl+V. It turned out quite good.

This trick is not easily seen but below statement kinda hints

If you want to export a document to an image manually, you can copy and paste the shapes from a diagram into other programs such as Word.


How to: Export UML Diagrams to Image Files

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In fact, you can right-click and export. In Visual Studio, open the class diagram (.cd file). Right-click anywhere in the blank canvas area (i.e. not on a shape), and select Export Diagram as Image:

enter image description here

That will give you a dialog that allows you to choose destination, format, etc.

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