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I am trying to use dumbledore's FlypadJoystick (https://github.com/dumbledore/FlypadJoystick) which is a Java wrapper for PPJoy, allowing me to programatically manipulate a PPJoy virtual joystick within a Java program, using the sample code provided .

My problem here is when the program tries to create an instance of the class Joystick,

Joystick joystick = new Joystick();

the handler can't be created and an IOException (aka JoystickException here) is thrown.

org.flypad.joystick.JoystickException: Cannot create handle. Error code: 2
    at org.flypad.joystick.Joystick.initializeHandle(Joystick.java:65)
    at org.flypad.joystick.Joystick.<init>(Joystick.java:48)
    at org.flypad.main.Test.main(Test.java:19)

I searched from where it could come in the code and found that the function CreateFile() is called to access the device "\.\PPJoyIOCTL1" but fails because can't find the device file.

//Class Joystick.java
import com.sun.jna.examples.win32.Kernel32;


/*DEFAULT_NAME = "\\\\.\\PPJoyIOCTL1";*/
HANDLE h = Kernel32.INSTANCE.CreateFile(

The function GetLastError() returns 2 : File not found.

Does someone know how can I either browse devices list to verify if this file actually exists or not? Or have an idea of what can cause the problem ? Maybe there are things that I misunderstand in how Windows manage devices.

I use Windows 7 64 bits by the way.

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