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I am trying to extract all the text out of various documents. And for that I am using Apache Tika 1.4.

RecursiveTikaParser parser = new RecursiveTikaParser(new AutoDetectParser());
ParseContext parseContext = new ParseContext();
parseContext.set(Parser.class, parser);

RecursiveTikaParser here is just a wrapper on AutoDetectParser.

Parse method for which is something like this -

ContentHandler content = new BodyContentHandler(-1);
Metadata metadata = new Metadata();
super.parse(stream, content, metadata, context);
System.out.println("Parsed text is " + content.toString());

Now, this code has to be able to handle multiple files so that's why I am using AutoDetectParser()

I noticed in my testing that given an xml file - I can only extract the text that is between the tags and not the comments, tags.

Is it possible to extract everything from the text file with my current approach ?

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Try like this

    Metadata metadata = new Metadata();
    stream = TikaInputStream.get(stream, null);
    String mimtType = DETECTOR.detect(stream, metadata).toString();
    Parser parser;
    if (mimtType.equalsIgnoreCase("application/xml")) {
        parser = new TXTParser();
    } else {
        parser = new AutoDetectParser();

    ContentHandler content = new BodyContentHandler();
    parser.parse(stream, content, metadata, new ParseContext());
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