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I am attempting to duplicate a model as well as all its related models.


This all works great except for my ImageFields. I have successfully saved an empty file so the reading of the old file seems to be the problem.

Previous attempts:

I have found several similar questions around the internet, but none of the answers I have found actually read the original. I have attempted to compile a list of those suggestions below. Any advice on which route I should even try to go, as well as why it may not be working would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm at a point of not knowing the "right" route and given some guidance might be able to troubleshoot more deeply. Thank you.

Using open:

copy.some_image.save(new_name, orig.some_image.open())

Using django's File with url.

copy.some_image.save(new_path, File(open(orig.some_image.url,"r")))

Using django's File with name.

copy.some_image.save(new_path, File(open(orig.some_image.name,"r")))

Using ContentFile.

image_copy = ContentFile(orig.some_image.read())

One person suggested shutil was required in an answer.

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