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Is there any way to run ASDoc on your project via the Flex Builder UI? Or, is there a good (preferably free) plugin that will do so?

If there is no UI for it, does someone have a link to a tutorial on how to set it up to be automatic when I build my project, maybe via Ant (which I've never used, but am more than happy to try) or something? (sorry for the multi-part question)

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Here are some links to ant tasks that run AsDoc for you:

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The solution at Seb Lee-Delisle's blog worked pretty well for me! I recommend it to anyone who is still looking for a solution. To get it working for me I had to use "Browse Workspace.." to add the specific project folder rather than use ${project_loc} as suggested for current project. Also wrap the path to your swc folder in quotes for -library-path if you have spaces in any of the directory names. Escaping the spaces in the Arguments field did not seem to work for me.


If this is outdated in anyway or anyone has any bits to add it would be nice to hear them. I have not seen this explanation anywhere else yet so it was quite nice to find it worked :)

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This tool says it does that in a single click on the features page, although it may be a bit more than you are looking for.

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Looks like a promising set of extra tools. I'll be keeping an eye on that. –  RickDT Oct 17 '08 at 20:11

You can define a launch configuration in the external tools that will run the asdoc utility.

Details are provided in this blog post Launching ASDoc with External Tools @amieStreetDevelopment

Another one: AsDoc with Eclipse @formatlos

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SourceMate also provides this feature. You can download a free 30 day trial at:


SourceMate also offers many more features for Flex development too.

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