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What is the name for the technique of using a set of foreign keys in a table where all but one are NULL for a given row?

In other words, each row needs a foreign key to one (and only one) of n different possible tables so you actually have all the necessary foreign keys but all but one are NULL.

(users of Django may recognize this as an alternative to using a Generic Foreign Key)

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The term for the design you're describing is Exclusive Arc.

Instead, I prefer to make one foreign key that references a common super-table of your n different parent tables.

See my other answers for polymorphic associations:

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It would have been easier with a example, but a common way to untangle this is simply to find a common super-type for those tables. Suppose that we have tables Book, Article, Magazine and now a table has to have foreign key to these tables. Using a common super-type Publicationresolves this. See here for the model and the similar question/answer.

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