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I have a table called Settings with fields key, value and in a view I have to show 5 items from this table using CakePHP, in Controller's action I have put this:

$this->set('config', array(
        'key1' => $this->Setting->getValue('key1'),
        'key2' => $this->Setting->getValue('key2'),
        'key3' => $this->Setting->getValue('key3'),
        'key4' => $this->Setting->getValue('key4'),
        'key5' => $this->Setting->getValue('key5')


and in Setting->getValue(); I have this:

function getValue($strKey){
        $value = $this->find('first', array(
            'conditions' => array(
                'key' => $strKey
            'fields' => array(
        return $value['Setting']['value'];

there's a more "CakePHP way" to do that?


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Well you are retrieving values one by one which is not the right way.

Do it in a single query by making array of values:

$inArray = array('val1','val2','val3','val4','val5');

function getValue($inArray){
     $returnData = $this->find('list',array(
                       'conditions' => array('key'=>$inArray),
                       'fields' => array('key', 'value))
     return $returnData;

The answer given by @kai contains OR statement which is not optimised way of making such queries, for reference: MYSQL OR vs IN performance

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Great way too! thx –  Juliano Lima Jan 17 at 23:43

I would probably do it this way:

      'conditions' => array(
          'OR' => array(
                array('key' => 'key1'),
       'fields' => array('key', 'value)

You should get an array that looks like this:

 array('key1' => 'val1', 'key2' => 'val2', /*etc*/);
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Nice! thanks buddy. –  Juliano Lima Jan 17 at 1:29
Another question, that should be in Model or should I create a Behavior? –  Juliano Lima Jan 17 at 1:33
The code that Kai suggested should go in your controller, ie: $config = $this->find(... , then $this->set(compact('config')); –  Ben Hitchcock Jan 17 at 3:37
I thought that $this->find.. should go in Model, and Controller calls Model's function. –  Juliano Lima Jan 17 at 23:44

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