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Here is the material to test the search function:

  1. move cursor in the line 5

  2. zfG to fold line 5 until the end of the file. (please see the attachment1)

When I input ?case, I can get the attachment2

Now, let me add a line which contains only one word case in the first line, and fold line 6 until the end of the file too. When I input ?case, I can only get the line 1, can not search line7?

How can I search on the folded lines?

The following is the raw material to test:

Note the use of ( ) with the pipe symbol to specify the 'or' condition    
/[0-9]*/MATches if there are zero or more numbers in the line    
/^[^#]/ Matches if the first character is not a # in the line    
1. Regular expressions are case sensitive    
2. Regular expressions are to be used where pattern is specifiedYou can jump back to beginning of file by typing any one of the following command    

enter image description here

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It works for me. 1. After landing on "case" in Line 1, do you try n to search again? 2. :set wrapscan? foldopen? – benjifisher Jan 17 '14 at 3:11
That shouldn't happen. Does it also occur with plain Vim (vim -N -u NONE)? Do you have any mapping on n? – Ingo Karkat Jan 17 '14 at 7:23

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