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everyone, I am using ASP.NET Identity that comes with visual studio 2013 express. I use Web Forms. When I create a new project, the login and signup pages are already there and its working. But my question is, when I add a new page, how do I authorize that page to only signed in users (or to a certain role). Do I use Web Site Administration Tool and web.config to do that? Or something else? Since I am not using MVC, I cannot use [Authorize] attribute. I cannot find documents online. Thank you in advance.

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You would use the Web.config to configure access:

     <!-- Allow only Administrators to visit RoleBasedAuthorization.aspx -->    
     <location path="RoleBasedAuthorization.aspx">    
                    <allow roles="Administrators"/>
                    <deny users="*" />

thanks to: Michael Perrenoud

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Thank you!! Cannot believe we asked the same question! –  martial Jan 21 '14 at 6:30

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