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How to create a tabview, I have gone through many blogs in which they specify that tabview widget is depreciated from lv 8 but i need to create a layout which i have attached below. Can anyone guide me to design a layout like this, such that if i click on weekly this view should be displayed and another activity for today button.

enter image description here

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For implementing TabView you can use ActionBar . You can explore this ActionBarSherLock. Here is the example of this Android Working with Action Bar.

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I saw that link which you have posted but my question is if i set the tab view as mentioned in Android Working with Action Bar, whether i can create listview inside that. I mean for each tab different listview ???? –  arun Jan 17 at 4:48

Rather than go running off to use ActionBarSherlock, simple standard stock Android offers a tutorial and an example project on its site here.


Familiarize yourself with Fragments and you should be good-to-go so long as you are comfortable already creating the layouts beneath each tab.

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