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I manage java project by Sublime text2.

I know ctrl + R will jump to the definition of function. But when I look through the code, it is not conveninent to jump by this shortcut key.

Is there some shortcut key or plugin to do this like in eclipse by ctrl + left mouse click?

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You can define mouse & key bindinds in .sublime-mousemap files

In your case, use this binding:

{"button": "button1", "count": 1, "modifiers": ["ctrl"],"press_command": "drag_select","command": "goto_definition"}

I would suggest to add the shift modifier because CTRL + LEFT CLICK is used for "multiple selection".

{"button": "button1", "count": 1, "modifiers": ["shift","ctrl"],"press_command": "drag_select","command": "goto_definition"}

Do no forget to wrap the bindings with [ and ] (they are defined as a JSON array of objects)


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@aantom, have you tried it in a java file? I did as you said and restart the sublime text2. Press ctrl+shift+left click, but it takes no effect at all –  Harris Jan 20 at 10:42
@Harris i have not tested it in Java, but it should work for all functions detected by Sublime Text (i use version 3). You can use sublime.log_commands(True) in the console to be sure that the command is used (and to understand the commands that Sublime Text execute). You can also use sublime.log_input(True) to debug key strokes. –  aanton Jan 20 at 21:30
@aantom, that's have solved my problem stackoverflow.com/questions/16235706/… Sorry I've been left for several days –  Harris Jan 25 at 12:03

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