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I am going to set up a development-to-deployment process for my team. I am using Git for version control. I have a solution like this:

  • Production: branch master, stable versions.
  • Staging: branch staging, stable versions for QC testing.
  • Development: each branch Dev- is for a feature.

I merge branches on staging and production as deployment. But, I have two problems:

  1. When error occurs after merging, "separate" branches is roll back to previous version on branch staging or master?
  2. How to set permissions for my team-mates on branches?

If you have any better solution for this process, please give me advices!

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Have you tried Capistrano? Please check this link Capistrano is an open source tool for running scripts on multiple servers; its main use is deploying web applications. It automates the process of making a new version of an application available on one or more web servers, including supporting tasks such as changing databases.

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1) This question is clearly explained in the GIT manual. I highly suggest you read it especially in the branch section.

2) I suggest you setup a gitolite (link) account on your server. Gitolite is a very simple-to-use plugin for GIT that allows you to fine-tune permissions in your projects.

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