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I tried building an eclipse plugin for Hadoop for my Eclipse Kepler V 4.3.1 In the web I see a lot of information for JUNO and some prior versions but tried copying those jars into my eclipse->plugin directory brought me no luck. hence tried building my own eclipse plugin but even that is not working for me. Has anyone here has a Hadoop plugin working for Kepler? Below are my other config details : Mac OSX java version "1.6.0_65"

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I was able to get the plug in generated and working with Eclipse Juno but still no luck with Eclipse Kepler. –  Saba Jan 22 at 4:31

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I managed to sucessfully build it using this guide with some slight modifications, i am however using Eclipse 4.3.2 on Arch and java 7.

Either way here is my plugin if it helps.

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