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Update: Umm, something seems to have happened. Now my Inbox has gone from 36,000+ to 353,000+ messages in it. Huh? What on earth is going on here.

I've never archived my Gmail Inbox and as a result have 36,000+ messages in it. I'd like to archive all messages over 60 days old, and no way I'm doing it manually.

So after some googling I found a google-script that could do it, below. However, GmailApp.moveThreadsToArchive(threads); can apparently can only be called on up to 100 threads at a time, so I've tried wrangle it into a while loop that calls it many times on 100 threads a time:

* Archives Emails older than a given time interval
* src:  http://www.quora.com/Gmail/Is-there-a-way-to-auto-archive-emails-after-a-certain-number-of-days
* example:
*   RunAutoArchive('2w')
*   RunAutoArchive('1m')
*   RunAutoArchive('5y')

function RunAutoArchive(){

  // archive messages older than:
  var interval='60d';

  // number of threads
  var threadCount = 0;
  var start = 0; 
  var end = 100;

  // find messages older than a certain time
  if(interval != ""){
    var searchQuery = 'in:Inbox older_than:'+interval;
    var threads = GmailApp.search(searchQuery);    
    threadCount = threads.length;

    // if there are any threads
    if(threadCount > 0){
      while(start <= threadCount){

        // move threads to archive

        // increment count
        start += 100;
        end += 100;


  // refresh threads

  return threadCount;

However, it both debugs and runs successfully (very long Execution Transcript ends with [14-01-16 21:40:59:199 PST] Execution succeeded [284.472 seconds total runtime]), but my inbox remains unchanged - 36,000+ unarchived messages remain.

Any suggestions what might be wrong?

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There are actually limits on how many emails can be handled at once. This question may be able to help you out a little (even though it tried to solve a completely different issue that was a former bug): stackoverflow.com/questions/15234882/… –  impinball Jan 18 '14 at 5:46
You would have to adapt it a little, though, to your needs. –  impinball Jan 18 '14 at 5:48
I would also like to point out that your script doesn't take into account the possibility of you having a (likely) incomplete batch as the last one. Also, you have some useless clutter in your script: your interval variable will never be an empty string because you set it as such, and you don't need to declare your thread count to 0 initially, because if your search brings nothing, you'll get an array of zero length. The latter isn't needed when you remove the unnecessary if-statement. –  impinball Jan 18 '14 at 5:57

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