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I want to create a Windows batch file that take the file name with particular pattern (say test*.zip ) and assign it to variable. so that I can check/validate whether the file is exists in other location or not.

How to do this ?

I tried below code.. its executing as expected but its executing twice .

@echo on

call :sub "D:\temp\test*.zip"

if exist "D:\temp\Updates\%filename%" (set flag="true") else (set flag="false")

echo %flag%

set filename=%~nx1
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Place goto :EOF on the line above :sub but it's not going to execute twice. What do you see on the console? –  foxidrive Jan 17 at 6:26
Thanks for the suggestion. –  user3205316 Jan 17 at 6:59

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Unlike many languages, batch has no concept of the end of a "procedure" - it simply continues execution line-by-line until it reaches the end-of-file. Consequently, you need to goto :eof after completing the mainline, otherwise execution will continue through the subroutine code. :EOF is a predefined label understood by CMD to mean end of file. The colon is required.

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