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Is it possible to get the maxX and maxY coordinates on an android touch screen from command line? Are there any adb commands which would do the job for me. I'd be using these values to make a Python Script. Thank you.

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Simple answer to your question is

adb shell dumpsys window | find "mUnrestrictedScreen"

For myself I wrote this dos batch, maybe you find it useful.

rem Get the Screen Size, file will contain:    mUnrestrictedScreen=(0,0) 2560x1600
adb shell dumpsys window | find "mUnrestrictedScreen" > SreenSize.txt
for /f "tokens=2" %%b in (SreenSize.txt) do set clean_string=%%b
echo %clean_string%
for /f "delims=x" %%W in ("%clean_string%") do echo %%W
set curr_char=%clean_string:~0,1%
set clean_string=%clean_string:~1%    
if "%curr_char%" NEQ "x" goto striploop
echo %clean_string% 
Set H=%clean_string%
echo %H%

All materials are taken from 3 or 4 different posts on StackOverflow, sorry for not quoting particular articles, hard to trace.

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Found the original article: – Avraham Zhurba Jan 29 '14 at 18:09

I got it and would like to post the answer as it isn't answered.

Using adb shell getevent -p /dev/input/eventX - touchscreen event for the device, shall give you a series of results.

The one corresponding to 0035 gives maxX and 0036 gives maxY.

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