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Remove strings with numbers and special characters using regular expression.Here is my code

  var string = "[Account0].&[1]+[Account1].&[2]+[Account2].&[3]+[Account3].&[4]";
    var numbers = string.match(/(\d+)/gi);

here output is : 0,1,1,2,2,3,3,4

But i want the following output 1,2,3,4

Can any one please help me.


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Seemd what you want is [\d+], use exec like this,

var myRe = /\[(\d+)\]/gi;

var myArray, numbers = [];

while ((myArray = myRe.exec(string)) !== null) {


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You can do:

string = "[Account0].&[1]+[Account1].&[2]+[Account2].&[3]+[Account3].&[4]";
repl = string.replace(/.*?\[(\d+)\][^\[]*/g, function($0, $1) { return $1 });
//=> "1234"
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I guess the simplest solution in this case would be:


simply saying that you only want the digits enclosed by brackets.


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