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I am implementing my application for iOS 7 in xcode 5.I use navigationcontroller to move from one viewcontroller to another. I have 2 viewcontrollers ADMSViewController which has webview overing the entire screen. When i click a link in the webview, ADMSBarcodeScanner view controller is pushed to the top of the screen. After scanning the ADMSBarcodeScanner is popped from the top of the screen. Now the view controller that is currently displayed is ADMSViewController. I want to paste the scanned string to a text box inside the webview. I have written a javascript function to paste the string in the text box. Its called as

iSetVinMobile("scanned string is the parameter")

Please help me.

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You can call a Java Script function from the native code using something like this:

[yourWebViewName stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"iSetVinMobile("%@");",scannedString]];
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Please provide a reply as per the question. –  user2541457 Jan 17 at 11:08
Doesn't the BarcodeScanner SDK your are using provide you a way of passing the scanned data to the viewcontroller who called it? If not, use NSNotificationCenter to pass the string from one viewController to the other or use delegates –  jcesarmobile Jan 17 at 12:12
i am able to pass data to the view controller which called it. I am able to paste it to a text box. –  user2541457 Jan 24 at 3:48

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