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I am curious about programming against smart grid/electrical sensors etc, where i'd like to monitor my electricity usage.

Can you give some starting points about interfacing with electrical sensors, what programming language is needed, libraries etc?


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We are in the pre-stadardization period so whatever you have at your disposal goes. Try looking up the best sold Smart Meter in your country and start with the data-sheet to figure out how to talk to it. It is already integrated, it should be fastest way out. It should have an IP interface on an physical support of some sort.

For playing purposes you could really try almost any controller on the market. There is a myriad of sensors that give digital output and the only limitations are money, how do you want to "talk" to the controller, how far apart are the parts and how may sensors do you want to interface with it.

It comes down to how much do you want to spend. You can go with a simple sensor and a PCI DAQ board in a stock computer for whatever fancy graphics you may want to do or you can try a 8086 with a simple LCD display. You can choose anything in between.

Depending on the sensor, you might be forced to put the controller closer to the measuring point. At this point your best bet is with something small that comes with an out-of-the-box IP interface.

Preferably something that has as much circuitry as possible already on the board, unless you enjoy soldering.

The interesting questions you want an answer to are: How often do I sample the sensors, how large is the internal buffer, how often do I pull the data out of the controller, how do I pull the data out of the controller and last what do I do with it. Do I want to push data to the electrical device? Maybe in the future I will feel the need to make a remote controlled switch.

I know that my answer is vague, but I really don't have too much information on what are you trying to achieve and I refuse to recommend something that might set you back several hundred Euros just to discover that is not what you needed. Advanced Metering Infrastructure is a huge subject with implications far beyond the average imagination.

You could start with the "Introduction to Data Acquisition" whitepaper from National Instruments, just to get a feel for the hardware requirements.

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