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I have to validate input text field as a phone number field. To do that I'am going to use HTML5 validation.

I already wrote code like this:

<input maxlength="8" type="text" name="phone" required />

I used required to validate this form. But how to validate this for Enter only digits and 8 digits.

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<input maxlength="8" pattern="\d{8}" type="tel" name="phone" required />
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Use pattern.

<input type="text" pattern="\d{8}" />

\d is the regular expression for a number.

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Only correct answer here... would like to suggest you that you can also use type="number" for better semantic meaning as anyways you are using pattern to validate –  Mr. Alien Jan 17 at 10:55
@Mr.Alien thanks –  ling.s Jan 17 at 10:55
@Mr.Alien any reason for using type="number" as opposed to type="tel" which is semantically specific to phone numbers? –  My Head Hurts Jan 17 at 10:57
@MyHeadHurts Oh I missed the phone word, just went with number as written here Enter only digits and 8 digits –  Mr. Alien Jan 17 at 10:59
This allows any number of digits, not 8, as requested. –  Jukka K. Korpela Jan 17 at 11:14
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You can set the Type="tel" but this not validates everything. You can use the pattern attribute with an regex.

The input-patter support:

Pattern Support Firefox 4+ & Chrome 5+ & Opera 9.6+ & MSIE 10+

For example:

<input type="tel" pattern="[0-9]*([-]?[0-9]+)*" >

For the 8 diggets you can use the maxlength="8"

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