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I got a Sprite that I'm rotating with rotationX & rotationY. This converts the clip to 3d object. Which makes texts in it blurred.

When I'm rotating this clip back to rotationX=0 and rotationY=0, I'm setting: this.transformation.matrix3D = null; Which makes the texts crisp.

BUT, when I'm adding another clip to this sprite, that has z=400 (or any z). The texts just won't get crisp, the other clips in my sprite that I have been rotated seems to still be 3d even if i set: this.transformation.matrix3D = null;

I've even tried to removeChild on the clip with z=400 when rotation is 0. And also tried setting matrix3D = null on that clip. But that doesn't help. Any one having any ideas how to "get rid" of the 3d of the clip with z=400? Or do I have to move that clip with z away from the clip I'm rotating (other things will mess up =)?

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As far as I understood your question is talked in this post of Keith Peters, you might want to take a look as he explains it really well:

"Basically, if you have a series of three or more nested objects, and apply 3D transformations to TWO of them, any clips nested between those two will become 3D objects (i.e. have a matrix3D property)."

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Thanks for the reply. Don't think the problem (even if was nice to know) mentioned in the blog is what I was handling with. I solved this by simply moving the clip with z=400 out of the clip I was rotating. This caused some other "workarounds" but atleast it maked the text perfectly readable =) – Andreas Bergqvist Jan 26 '10 at 7:56

Set the transformation matrix to null...

myDisplayObject.transform.matrix3D = null;
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