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I have a Domain host (JustHosts.com) that host my domain name:


I have another server with a WordPress site on it which is accessed directly as:


I want this to be accessed via mydomain.com, so:

mydomain.com -> mywordpress.com/wpsite1

The URL should stay as mydomain.com, not go back to mywordpress.com/wpsite1.

I can add the following types of records:


What should I do on my domain host to make this change?

Many thanks.

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I could solve this in particular condition where we use subdomain to pointing to the WordPress site and the Wordpress site itself is installed on a host provider that is using cPanel.

Formerly I simply set CName on subdomain blog.mydomain.com to the subdomain where my Wordpress site is installed. Unfortunately this pointing was resulting a redirection like this:


Searching for a solutiom then I found this documentation:

It is actually a documentation for a plugin to map any blog/site on a WordPressMU or WordPress 3.X network to an external domain. I didn't install the plugins I just marked that for cPanell users we need to put the mydomain.com as a parked domain in cPanel where the Wordpress site is installed.

So with the cPanel I uninstalled my WordPress and rearrange the installation step as below:

1. Put mydomain.com as a parked domain   
2. Re install WordPress using blog.mydomain.com

Viola! The blog.mydomain.com is running the WordPress perfectly and stay in blog.mydomain.com without any error or redirection to other domain.

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