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I have a method in my posts_controller:

  def tag
    @posts = Post.all.tagged_with(params[:id]).page(params[:page]).per(10)
    render :action => 'index'

My routes file :

  resources :posts do
    collection do
      get :top
      get :revelance
      get :tag

My view file where i output tags: <%=raw {|t| link_to t, tag_posts_path(t), class: "tags" }.join (' ') %>

The problem is: When i click on tag i get to url: */posts/tag.Sometag and the page is empty. Guess i need to change my routes file.. but I don't know what to do

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Do you want to get a page with list of posts by chosen tag? With uri: /posts/tag/:tag_name ? (Also you could watch the cast . There's given many things about tags.) – itsnikolay Jan 17 '14 at 12:27
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You don't actually need this tag method, you could directly make the job in the index action:

def index
  @posts = if params[:tag]

Then you can define your route like this:

get 'tags/:tag', to: 'posts#index', as: :tag

And adapt it in your view:

<%= raw {|t| link_to t, tag_path(t), class: "tags" }.join (' ') %>
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