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I am developing a DevExpress XAF application that has the following business objects

Employee Warehouse ​Applicant

Each of these entities can have one or more Email Addresses

How can I accomplish this using a single EmailAddress Business Object​?

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You can introduce a base persistent class with a collection of EmailAddress objects (http://documentation.devexpress.com/#Xaf/CustomDocument2733) and then inherit your other classes from it. As an alternative to inheritance, you can use aggregation.

However, I am not quite sure exactly what you mean by "using a single EmailAddress Business Object​", may be you do not need a collection property as I suggested above.

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" Each of these entities can have one or more Email Addresses"

Going by the statement above, what I could make out is, you got Employee as a business object and these entities can have multiple EmailIds. What I would suggest is you create EmailId as another business object with only one property EmailIdand have a 1 -to- * relationship between your Employee and EmailId business objects. Do not forget to hide your business object EmailId from navigation items. EmailId should only be visible to users creating new Employee objects and otherwise it should not be allowed to be created, independent of any relation.

I know this is a very late answer to a question, but let us know how you solved your problem. By doing this, you can help others facing a similar situation that you were in. Thanks.

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