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In my html I have multiple forms (text inputs, radio buttons, check boxes and select) and one button. I would like to fill all these forms and send values to my php file. For now I am trying to submit values from text input and select but I am stuck at this point.

I have a js submit file:

 submitForms = function(){

And my forms are like this: SELECT:

 <form id ="form1" name="dists" action="solve.php" method="post">
        <select id="demo" name="sadzba" onchange="selectElement1(this.value)>
                <option value="">-- vyberte oblasť --</option>

Text input form + button:

 <form id="form2" action="solve.php" method="post">
    <input type="text" name="spotVT" ><label>kWh za rok VT</label>
    <div id="nt" style='display:none'><input type="text" name="spotNT"  ><label>kWh za rok NT</label></div>

 <input id="sub" type="button" value="Ok" style="margin-left:15px;" onclick="submitForms()"/>

But this is not working. Can you help me please? Thank you

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How would you submit two things to two different pages? It would require TWO hits to the server, but it is one page. Not going to happen with plain form submits. –  epascarello Jan 17 at 14:12

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This question has been asked by several already, please see these two links:

Submit two forms with one button

Submit multiple forms with one submit button

Basically it looks like you are going to need to do this asynchronously.

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As you can see I have already tried that first solution but it is not working. I am pretty new to jquery, javascript and php so its prettz hard for me now. –  user2886091 Jan 17 at 13:54
I'm sorry, I should have been more clear. In both, you'll see many comments/answers that discuss how the first submit likely gets dropped. From one answer "A form submission causes the page to navigate away to the action of the form. So, you cannot submit both forms in the traditional way. If you try to do so with JavaScript by calling form.submit() on each form in succession, each request will be aborted except for the last submission. So, you need to submit the first form asynchronously via JavaScript". One other suggestion in the first post (down near the bottom) is to just send once. –  t1nr2y Jan 17 at 16:33

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