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I have this in my web.config:

<httpErrors errorMode="Custom" defaultResponseMode="ExecuteURL">
  <remove statusCode="404" />
  <error statusCode="404" path="/Error/NotFound" /> 

And when I browse for this URL (which does not exist): http://localhost:8605/a.png it does not execute my NotFound action in my Error controller. Why?

If I explicitely add responseMode="ExecuteURL" to the error element then it works.

Like so: <error statusCode="404" path="/Error/NotFound responseMode="ExecuteURL" />

Why can't I just set that attribute globally in the httpErrors element?

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In both of your examples, you are missing the closing quote after your path value. Try putting your quote in and see if that resolves anything – Tommy Jan 17 '14 at 13:59
Sorry that was just a typo. Post updated. – PussInBoots Jan 17 '14 at 14:28

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The httpErrors defaultResponseMode is not used for explicitly defined errors.

The error documentation signifies that the error responseMode default is File.

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