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This is my query:

set dateformat mdy;
    select cast([File Date] as date) as 'test' from gpdetail

which produces this error:

Msg 241, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
    Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.

Any idea how to get rid of the error? any help much appreciated have been stuck on this for ages :(

Under the results tab it shows the correct results However, Under the results tab it shows the correct results

this is the actual data this is the actual data

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you might have a record somewhere that is not formatted correctly thus it can't convert the whole thing. if you got SQL 2012 you try TRY_CONVERT and check results to see what row returns null, that will be your 'BAD' record –  Vladimir Oselsky Jan 17 at 13:53
Does the following work any better for you: convert(datetime, [File Date], 1) –  Linger Jan 17 at 13:54
How many rows are in the table? Just the 6 you have shown us? Probably it is failing on the next row. Show us what that contains. –  Martin Smith Jan 17 at 14:02
The best way to get rid of the error would be to store your data with the appropriate data type. Any answers to the question you have posted I would consider a work around, rather than a solution. You will continue to have problems until you rectify the underlying issue that the data is not stored correctly. –  GarethD Jan 17 at 14:13

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The place to start is with the isdate() function:

select [File Date]
from gpdetail
where isdate([File Date]) = 0;

This may find places where the date does not conform.

If you just want to ignore badly formatted strings, then try:

select (case when isdate([File Date]) = 1 
             then cast([File Date] as date) 
        end) as test
from gpdetail
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