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When a script runs under Apache, I insert $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] value into an error reporting e-mail message.

However, if a Web script forks a "worker" job with nohup php ..., $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] appears to be empty there. Thus, if an error occurs, it's reported without a host name.

Can I reliably get the host name by means of PHP, without calling Unix hostname command?

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For PHP >= 5.3.0 use this:

$hostname = gethostname();

For PHP < 5.3.0 but >= 4.2.0 use this:

$hostname = php_uname('n');

For PHP < 4.2.0 you can try one of these:

$hostname = getenv('HOSTNAME'); 
$hostname = trim(`hostname`); 
$hostname = preg_replace('#^\w+\s+(\w+).*$#', '$1', exec('uname -a')); 
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You can use _GLOBALS['MACHINENAME'] to obtain the information straight from the globals array.

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