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I have a Rails App that I want to deploy on SharePoint 2013.

In order to achieve some means of authentication, I need the WEBrick server to serve ssl https and listen to incoming https on port https://localhost:3001. Unfortunately, I am not very experienced with configuring the server.

I've have only found some outdated tutorials for older Rails version, that don't seem to do the job anymore.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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Possible duplicate of How do you configure WEBrick to use SSL in Rails 3?. Voted to close because the solution is basically identical to the accepted solution in that question. Not sure if the other one should actually be made a duplicate of this newer one or not. –  Cupcake Mar 4 at 4:23
@Cupcake That is for Rails 3, and Rails 4 doesn't use script\rails file. –  Chloe Apr 17 at 6:09
@Chloe you can't tell because you don't have enough reputation yet, but the answer that used to be here but was subsequently deleted was largely identical to the linked blog post. There's actually a lot of plagiarism, intentional or otherwise, resulting from that blog post, not just on this question, but on others around StackOverflow as well. –  Cupcake Apr 17 at 6:17
@Chloe for example, see this answer. –  Cupcake Apr 17 at 6:23
@Chloe what are you trying to do? –  Cupcake Apr 17 at 6:27

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I know you asked for WEBrick, and excuse me for suggesting something else, but I would really recommend you to use Thin ruby web server (faster and lighter), so you can also start SSL and meet your requirement as easy as:

$ thin start --ssl -p 3001

Just don't forget to add gem 'thin' in your Gemfile ;-)

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@Chloe I actually use Thin, and I have no problems with it. Lots of people use Thin. Why do you describe it as "artisan"? –  Cupcake Apr 17 at 6:22
Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you also need to add an SSL certificate if you want to use SSL with Thin? See also Enable https in a rails app on a thin server. –  Cupcake Apr 17 at 6:27
It appears to include its own: CN: openca.steamheat.net –  Chloe Apr 17 at 6:46
I have to mention that just using --ssl is not suitable for production environments, of course. If you want to use this in production, you have to additionally tell Thin to use a valid SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority. –  Cupcake Apr 17 at 19:23
Thin is giving me Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined jquery_ujs.js?body=1:398 errors in the browser console when I reload the page with Rails 4.1. –  Chloe Apr 18 at 3:35

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