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Customer is currently running in Apigee Developer (Free) and ready to move to the Edge (Production) cloud for better support/SLA/etc. To move to the Edge cloud is it much more than simply export/import of the policies? Something Customers should be able to do on their own? Anything to watch out for in their implementation that would make this more complicated? Moving data (tokens/user id/info, etc)?

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Main problem is keeping keys, caches, and other flow data stored in Cassandra. You can get the Ops team to migrate the Org from the Free Pod to their Edge hardware, but it's a pretty rough process.

But, if you're going to set up a new Production Org, they're going to need to export the API bundles from the Free Org, and then recreate the following org and environment specific items:

  • Virtual Hosts
  • Products
  • App Developers
  • Apps
  • API Management Users (Org admins, etc).
  • Custom Cache Stores
  • Named Target Servers

You can use the Org Snapshot tool to see these things, but we have no simple import tool to move them automatically.

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If a Developer Portal was provided, it is recommended to upgrade/migrate to the latest cloud version as well.

Some common approaches:

1) If the Developer Portal has minimal customization, it is recommended to start off with a clean vanilla portal and manually migrate any customizations.

2) If the Developer Portal has heavy customizations, it is recommended to migrate content and data (users) over to the new portal. A commonly used Drupal practice is the Drupal Migrate module in conjunction with the Drupal-to-Drupal migrate module.

Any custom branding “theming” will need to be manually reapplied on the new portal.

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