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Having read articles like this and this and this, I'm still unclear on how to play/pause/seek large audio tracks in javascript with time precision.

I'm developing an animation library which allows you to create animation timelines that would control WebGL buffers and DOM elements and pretty much anything else. Here is a screenshot:


I just got to audio tracks, and what it needs is:

  1. Ability to play large tracks
  2. Play/Pause
  3. Seek
  4. Time precision
  5. It would be a bonus to be able to have audio effects and control their parameters at precise times.

I have used the audio element before to play an animation in sync with the music. I used to update the animation's clock with the audio element's currentTime property. I remember that currentTime was not very reliable. In Chrome, I used to offset currentTime by a large number compared to the precise times I would extracted using Adobe Audition, and in FireFox, I would offset even more — 50ms if I recall correctly. And I did that just to keep thing in sync on my machine, and perhaps most of my visitors. Two years later now, with new version of Chrome and Firefox, it seems I should tweak that offset variable to get things in sync again.

Obviously, that's not the best approach.

Now, for my new application, I figured I could get precision with Audio API and just schedule to play tracks on precise times, but then the problem will be how to play large tracks (some 15 minutes long, overlapping), and yet have play/pause/seek for multiple tracks, etc. Memory/perf would also be important.

What approach would fit these needs?

For clarity, the use case is something like Adobe After Effects or Premiere or any other software that comes with a timeline for visual effects with audio in sync.

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