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I would like to accomplish the following workflow using JMeter

  • Get the results from a URL call (Ex:
  • If the response message contains "someVar=SUCCESS" the JMeter test will pass
  • else if the response message contains "someVar=FAIL" the JMeter test will fail
  • else if the response message is different, wait x seconds and try the block of code again. Attempt to retry the block of code a maximum of y number of times.

Is something like this possible in JMeter? If so, does anyone have an example?

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This tutorial should fully answer your need:

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In case of link rot the supplied link details using a WHILE loop. Set a user defined variable outside the loop, use that variable in the WHILE condition, and then use a beanshell sampler to set the variable based on the response. – ScottJShea Mar 23 at 16:58

The most straightforward way to go is using JMeter Assertions.

The most powerful of them is Beanshell Assertion.

In regards to your use cases following code sample may help:

if new String(data).contains("someVar=SUCCESS")
    Failure = false;
    Failure = true;

Similarly for FAIL

For retrying you can use While Controller using some variable as condition like continue which is set to true. Retry as many times as required, when you're fine - just set continue variable to false.

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Yes, it's quite possible.

I don't have an example offhand, but here are the components you'll need. The logic should be straight forward:

HTTP Sampler

Assertions (this will raise a user defined error)

While Controller

Regular expressions in JMeter (article)

User Defined Vaiables (article)

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