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I am going to use Spectral Energy and Spectral Entropy as features for window-based time-series data. However, I'm bit confused about the formula being used for it online, especially about the the special Entropy.

I used entropy from Matlab but that doesn't work with time-series data. It just give me zero for everything. Test window Entropy result for this version = 0

Then I used this version. Test window Entropy result for this version = 4.3219

I also tried the -sum(p.*log2(p)) after applying imhist to a data window ( p = imhist(aw1(:));). Got this from an online help.
Test window Entropy result for this version = 0.0369

All of them reported different values.

For spectral energy, I am using the squared sum of fft coefficients. sum(abs(fft(data-window)).^2)

Can any body give me any suggestion which is the correct version ?

Cheers Zuhaib

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For Spectral Entropy the steps are:

  • Compute the Power Spectral Density(PSD)
  • Normalize the PSD
  • Calculate the Entropy −∑(P)log2(P), where P = PSD

       d=d/sum(d+ 1e-12);
       %Entropy Calculation
       logd = log2(d + 1e-12);
       Entropy(inc) = -sum(d.*logd)/log2(length(d));
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I didn't get the data-window part ? Shouldn't be just the window under processing ? – zub12 Jan 23 '14 at 12:13
For spectral energy, I am using almost the same formula as PSD ? Shouldn't they be different ? spectralenergy = sum(abs(fft(window)).^2)/T; – zub12 Jan 23 '14 at 12:13

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