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I have an Excel spreadsheet like this:

     A       B       C
1  CLD     TEXT   Valid
2  CLD     TEXT   Expired
3  CLA     TEXT   Valid
4  CLA     TEXT   Expired
5  CPI     TEXT   Valid
6  CLD     TEXT   Valid

I would like to count the number of rows in column A that have the same text (e.g. CLD) where the text for the same row in column C = Valid and display that counted value elsewhere in the spreadsheet.

Given the data above, I would expect a count of CLD in column A to return a value of 2, as there are only two CLD rows with corresponding Valid in column C.

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Please try =COUNTIFS(A:A,"CLD",C:C,"Valid"). –  pnuts Jan 17 '14 at 17:11

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I think that you would be looking for something like this:


It should count instances based in multiple criteria (in this case just the two).

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