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I am running a store where I have two product categories(Category A, Category B). Category A has one product(Product A) Category B has three products(Product1, Product2, Product3).

I wish to set the rule such that when a customer buys "ProductA" from Category A and Product3 From category B, a discount of $8.75 is applied to the "Product3". I tried to find solutions but all in vain. Can anyone please help me out in this? Thanks in advance.

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That pretty easy. Go to Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attributes. enter image description here

Find SKU at Attribute Code

enter image description here

Change Promo Rule Conditions to Yes from No.

We done first step :)

Then go again to your shopping cart prices rules.

  1. Define your rule name and blar blar blar at Rule Information. Then, Click on Condition
  2. Click to (+) Button. Then, Chose Product attribute combination
  3. Then, new (+) Button appear and click this.
  4. Choose Category and find your category (e.g Category A or Category B)
  5. Will see like this. enter image description here
  6. Then, new (+) Button appear and click this.
  7. Chose SKU for your Product A or B. See picture. enter image description here
  8. Then Click again from start for your next Category and product.
  9. Finally, we got next. See pic enter image description here

Hope help O). Magento make me happy!!!

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