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I'm accessing the iPhone's library and doing a query on it

MPMediaQuery *albums = [MPMediaQuery albumsQuery];
NSArray *albumCollections = [albums collections];

If music doesn't exist, [albums collections] obviously causes a crash.

How can I check the results of the query, and see for example if something has been selected (or length > 0) to avoid the crash?


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Obviously? It's just an NSArray you are getting the information from, it shouldn't crash even if it doesn't exist.

On the worst case:

NSArray *albumCollections = [albums collections];

albumCollections is nil.

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sorry, I didn't realize the crash was somewhere else. If it's ok for you I'm going to remove the question as it is misleading –  Sr.Richie Jan 17 at 18:43
@Sr.Richie You should mark it as correct, as it was helpful for you. It can help someone else in the future. –  RuiAAPeres Jan 17 at 19:20

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