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I have a *.csv file which I want to import into my database. basically it looks like that:


I am using:


id SERIAL primary key,
Date Date,
Time Time,
Open double precision, 
High double precision, 
Low double precision,
Close double precision,
Volume bigint

COPY table FROM 'C:\\Users\\user\\EURUSD1.txt' DELIMITER ',' CSV;

However I am getting at the Date:

ERROR: invalid input syntax for integer: "07/11/2013" CONTEXT: COPY eurusd_m1, line 1, column id: "07/11/2013"

I really appreciate your help on how to fix that?

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File format and Table Column order do not match neither do the number of columns. You need to create a table just like the data you want to load. –  Abhinav Jan 17 at 18:52
@Abhinav Thx for your answer! However, thats not correct! Number of columns of the create statement matches the csv(id is SERIAL). If I am wrong please show me! –  user2051347 Jan 17 at 18:55
Looking at the error it doesn't seem to be the case. Error says the COPY command is trying to assign Date data to id column. –  Abhinav Jan 17 at 18:59
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Just because id is serial doesn't mean it's disregarded when loading - you should be specifying your columns in your copy statement, e.g.

COPY table (Date, Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume)
  FROM 'C:\\Users\\user\\EURUSD1.txt' DELIMITER ',' CSV;
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