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I know I can use the Winscard.dll to talk with the smart card reader. What I don't like about doing that is that it monitors up to 10 smart card readers. I want to talk directly to a single one without all the setup involved with using Winscard (which I am currently doing) I found this post and decided to try and work towards it Question from MSDN. He suggests using create file and IOCTL's to communicate. So I spent a fair amount of time getting all those libraries and numbers all put into place. I got to use create file and I get an invalid file handle. I'll show you a each line of code as it is called.

    private const string devicePath = @"\\?\usb#vid_058f&pid_9520#7&258af490&0&2#{50dd5230-ba8a-11d1-bf5d-0000f805f530}";
        device = new PCSCDevice(devicePath);
        driverHandel = Native.Kernel32.CreateExistingRWFile(devicePath);
        var handle = CreateFile(devicePath, GENERIC_BOTH, FILE_SHARE_READ_WRITE, IntPtr.Zero, OPEN_EXISTING, FILE_FLAG_OVERLAPPED, IntPtr.Zero);

handle is returned as invalid (-1).

I had a similar problem when I was trying to communicate with a USB-HID device. In as few as words as possible I used Microsoft POS for .NET and had my own ServiceObject written. What is neat about that is you can specify a hardware ID and it will scan your system for that hardware id and then display those attached devices. First time through I used USB as the preamble in the hardware id. I was getting a invalid handle on that but when i switched the preamble to HID I was getting a valid handle and was able to communicate with the HID device just fine. So I'm thinking it is a similar problem. The device path that I am getting is not able to have a file path specified, so I need to get a different file path...but I don't know what other path to use. Any ideas on this?

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