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Can I use my own custom domain with apigee developer edition? I need to use my custom domain and a developer portal to create an api product. I reached out to sales and they can't provide enterprise service for small start ups. We are looking for cost effective way to get the API products to market by leveraging partners in the back end. Please help

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Why do you need the custom domain? –  remus Jan 17 '14 at 19:02

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You can do this using a CNAME.

Create a CNAME pointing your custom domain to your Apigee Developer edition hostname. For example, if you want to use api.user3207887.com, are were provided a hostname by Apigee of user3207887-prod.apigee.com, simply create a CNAME as follows:

api.user3207887.com --> user3207887-prod.apigee.com

After DNS propagates, you can simply give out your new URL to consumers:


If you want to use SSL Certificates (e.g. purchasing a certificate for api.user3207887.com), you will need to upgrade to Apigee Edge to import and use the certificate.

Hope this helps.

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one more note to add: if you're using ssl, the default certs from apigee will come with the domain of the apigee server, for example: subject: O=.apigee.net; OU=Domain Control Validated; CN=.apigee.net

unless you add your own certs to match your domain, all requests will go back with the default apigee cert

if you're just doing some test and dev work, it is ok to ignore the cert (curl option -k; or add the exception in your browser), otherwise it is not recommended

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Although the CNAME trick is part of the answer you would need a virtual host configured which is not available in the free version of the product.

Email me at michaelb@apigee.com -- I'm going to follow up with our product team to see if there are any plans to create an intermediate product that might support this request.

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Please contact apigee support [ help@apigee.com ] for virtual host setup after you setup CNAME as described above.

Virtual host setup has not been made self-service due to security reason.

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