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I have some code that smells. To boil it down, one of my MVC controllers is securing a piece of data (by validating the user's credentials), but my other controller is NOT securing that piece of data. When I went to secure both of them, my team informed me that the data served by the unsecure controller was actually public, and that by virtue of the way the data is selected from the data store, it wouldn't ever serve the same data as the secure controller.

To me, this logic should be explicit in the code and I shouldn't have had to go to a colleague to figure out all of this intent (at least in this case).

Can anyone tell me the name of a code smell that fits this? My intent is to be able to convince my team that we should refactor this part of the code. Currently I don't know to convince them, so I was hoping to find some literature on why exactly it's important to have business intent clearly stated in the code, even if it's just a link to a Wikipedia page on the subject. I hope this is not too abstract.

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for me it's normal behaviour. Some controllers are requiring authentication, other one not. The only code smell you can find there is naming, nothing else –  PolishDeveloper Jan 17 at 19:39
Is it just me, or should that go to programmers stackexchange? Anyway, good question, will be glad to hear the answer. –  FilipMalczak Jan 17 at 21:08
sounds like the code needs comments –  pm100 Jan 17 at 21:16
Or, more generally, documentation. –  Amy Jan 17 at 22:15
Is the problem that you get different results depending on whether or not the user is logged in? –  Jon Reid Jan 18 at 5:23

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