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I know this is somewhat of a dead horse, but I'm not finding a satisfactory answer. First let me say, I am NOT dealing with a web app, otherwise managing NH Session is quite simple.

I have a bunch of enterprise components. Those components have their own service layer that will act on multiple repositories. For example:

  • Claim Component
    • Claim Processing Service
    • Claim Repository
  • Billing Component
    • Billing Service
    • Billing REpository
  • Policy Component
    • PolicyLockService
    • Policy Repository

Now I may have a console, or windows application that needs to coordinate an operation that involves each of the services. I want to write the services to be injected with (DI) their required repositories. The Repositories should have an ISession, or similar, injected into them so that I can have this operation performed under one ISession/ITransaction.

I'm aware of the Unit Of Work pattern and the many samples out there, but none of them showed DI. I'm also leery of [ThreadStatic] because this stuff can also be used from WCF and I have found enough posts describing how to do that. I've read about Business Conversations, but need something simple that each windows/console app can easily bootstrap since we have alot of these apps and some pretty inexperienced developers.

So how can I configure StructureMap to inject the same ISession into each of the dependent repositories from an application? Here's a totally contrived and totally made up example without using SM (for clarification only - please don't spend energy critisizing):



  using(ISession session = GetSession())
  using(ITransaction trans = session.BeginTransaction())
    var policyRepo = new PolicyRepo(session);
    var policyService = new PolicyService(policyRepo);

    var billingRepo = new BillingRepo(session)
    var billingService = new BillingService(billingRepo);

    var claimRepo = new ClaimsRepo(session);

    var claimService = new ClaimService(claimRepo, policyService, billingService);




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You can do this by using a AsSingleton in the structuremap configuration, but you probably do not want to use one session for the whole applications. –  Paco Jan 22 '10 at 18:32
Correct, I don't want to use one per application. –  Corey Coogan Jan 22 '10 at 19:09
I've read Jeremy D. Millers post on using NH at Dovetail 100 times and think there is something to nested containers, but I can't find much to help wrap my head around it yet. –  Corey Coogan Jan 22 '10 at 20:35
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I finally got around to some posts on StructureMap that could help some folks.

First, a primer that is somewhat relevant to the next posts: http://blog.coreycoogan.com/2010/05/24/using-structuremap-to-configure-applications-and-components/

Now how to use SM with WCF and NHIbernate: http://blog.coreycoogan.com/2010/05/26/structuremap-wcf-nhibernate-part-1/

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I think I now have the missing piece of the puzzle. Jeremy D. Miller was kind enough to post his code for the ITransactionProcessor.


This will use the new StructureMap nested containers to scope my session to all my components in a single transaction. When I get this working, I'll post the code to my blog and an update to this thread.


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