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New to tmux, but let's say I have this window:

|   |   |
|   |   |
|       |

I'm running vim in the top left pane.

I have a console open in the bottom pane running autotest.

When I :w in vim autotest detects the change and runs my tests.

At this point errant text gets run up into the middle of my vim window.

If I close and reopen vim it displays properly.

This happens with any number of programs auto-spitting out text to console in a separate pane.

I'm using iterm2, vim, zsh, tmux.

Anyone know how to fix this?


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how to "fix" this.. we don't know how far are you already, show what you have done, and point out the problem, then "fix" makes sense. –  Kent Jan 17 at 20:23
This sounds like a bug somewhere, to me. What specific versions of iterm2 and tmux are you using (I would doubt the bug would be in the other programs)? –  echristopherson Jan 17 at 21:50
Also, tmux has a redraw command that might fix the screen in such cases, without you having to restart Vim. Try Ctrl-B r. –  echristopherson Jan 17 at 21:52

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