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I have got 2 DLLs. DLL1 will be presented as MyDLL.dll and DLL2 is just a DLL containing extensions to MyDLL. So to get these extensions from DLL2 to MyDLL, I need to load DLL2 inside MyDLL using LoadLibrary(). But here comes the problem. MyDLL contains one function, which will be very important in DLL2. And I need to reach that function. How do I do it?

#include <Windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "DLL1API.h"

typedef DLL1API* (*PGetDLL1API)();

void Init();
BOOL WINAPI DllMain(HINSTANCE hMod, DWORD dwReason, LPVOID reserve){
void Init(){
    HMODULE mainDllMod=GetModuleHandleA("MyDLL.dll"); //how do I reach module of DLL1?
        printf("DLL1API: %p",g_API);
    } else { //always gets to this result :(
        printf("Error, failed to get GetDLL1API()!\n");

Other thing is, that I am scared to use LoadLibrary("MyDLL.dll") inside DLL2, because I think it would cause one big infinite loadLibrary loop (MyDll => DLL2 => MyDLL ...)

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Load DLL1 first, then load the DLL2; in DLL2 add a function setupCore(void (*funtion_ptr)()) (or something similar), and pass the address of the needed function from DLL1 to that. –  Gasim Jan 17 at 19:39
Great idea! Realy! –  jakubinf Jan 17 at 19:40

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Calling LoadLibrary from inside DllMain is not recommended. Fix that, and your circular loading concerns will go away as well.

BTW DLL2 doesn't need to load DLL1. It can use GetModuleHandle to find the already-loaded DLL to pass to GetProcAddress, use a static import, or DLL1 can call a function exported from DLL2 passing a function pointer.

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IMO, DLL2 should call LoadLibrary to increment the loader reference count unless there's no chance of confusion in what function will be called at what point. –  JimR Jan 17 at 19:56

You are right to not want to use LoadLibrary in DllMain. Using LoadLibrary in DllMain is expressly forbidden according to this Microsoft page. Also, GetModuleHandle only works if the DLL has already been loaded by the current process.

Are you really sure you need to load the DLL from your DllMain? You could just call GetModuleHandle from your exported functions, assuming of course that the module has been loaded by the program already.

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